Himachal Garlic: the spice healer!

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Himachal garlic (大蒜, Ail, Knoblauch, tỏi)falls under the category of bulb crop. It is used as a condiment and one of the prominent spices in Indian food. The bulb of the garlic contains several cloves and one of the best varieties of cloves, yielded in the Himachal region of India.

Numerous scientific researches reveal that garlic caters to a wide range of medical and health benefits and its proven agent for the smooth functioning of the heart.

At Navdin, we provide handcrafted and both organically & inorganically  grown garlic without trace of chemical components used in any part of the flow from seed to harvest to the storage.

It is the reason why we are the trusted partner in supplying garlic across the globe.

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India is one of the highest producers of world famous garlic- Himachal garlic. It is the reason why it has succeeded in attracting food makers and suppliers from across the planet. Just get in touch with Navdin and let us know your need. Our team will be more than happy to serve you.


Health benefits of Garlic

Garlic is gifted with tenfold medicinal values and health benefits. Let us have a quick tour of the health benefits of garlic.

  • Flu & cold

    Intaking 1 0r 2 cloves garlic cooked with butter can be a  healer to cure stuffed nose and an amazing agent to strengthen your immunity. However, garlic works the best when consumed in the raw state.

  • Prevents heart disease

    Garlic with antioxidant properties works best to cut down cholesterol that immensely helps to streamline blood sugar and cholesterol.

  • Purifies blood

    Just two cloves of garlic with warm water every morning can add wonders to your health. It not only helps you to purify your blood that eventually leads to uproot acne issues in young folks but can also drastically cut down extra weight for the folks worrying about obesity.

  • Fights cancer

    Multiple medical examinations have proved that regular consumption of garlic develops a strong immune system in your body that fights against cancer.

  • Hair & skin

    The healthy virtues of garlic also empower it to fight against hair and skin disorders. It shows the miraculous effect to cure eczema and other skin fungal infections and also slows down collagen which leads to loss of elasticity to aging skin.

    However, the above-stated benefits are just five, garlic offers an endless list of health proven benefits. Now, let us understand how you can procure garlic in bulk.

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