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Gum karaya (Gond katrira, 刺梧桐剂, Gomme Karaya, Karayagummi) also called as Indian tragacanth is the dry extract procured from trees of Sterculia species. Gum Karaya is sap-like substance, generally, consumed as medicine and popularly known for its 2 types- natural & processed.

Gum Karaya is an effective medicinal substance used as a bulk-forming laxative to treat constipation. It is also an effective drug as an aphrodisiac used to improve sexual desire

Due to its viscosity and thickness of Gum Karaya, its widely used as a binder in beverages and foods and utilized by manufacturers as a thickener in adhesives, cosmetics and medications. Since, it’s natural and medically highly impactful.

Today, India is one of the giant producers of Gum Karaya on the planet. It’s the reason it has been attracting eye-balls from across the globe and the demand of export has been skyrocketing with each passing day.

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How to get Gum Karaya?

Navdin team closely works with the reputed harvesters, cultivators and ensures export-ready Gum karaya round the year. The team makes sure that you get high quality and well-preserved and packaged with your desired quality and quantity right at your town within time.



Benefit and utilities

The uses of Gum Karaya is manifold. Its utilities spread across the wide spectrum of industries. Thus, today its one of the most useful form of natural gum highly in demand across the planet.

  • Food

    Recently, Navdin has been working with numerous global manufacturers and suppliers in multiple countries like Germany, France, China & Vietnam to cater to the surging demand of Gum Karaya in the food products industry.

    Gum Karaya, at 0.15% locust bean gum, stabilizes ice cubes and beverages by preventing the formation of large ice crystals

    Gum Karaya is one of the major ingredients in meringue powders, that helps to production of a large volume of meringue and from stipulated amount of protein.

    In cheese spread and cream, it is widely used to prevent water separation and increase expandability.

  • Paper & Textile

    Gum Karaya with an amazing property of a binder to manufacture lightweight & long-fibered, papers, such as fruit-wrap tissues & condenser tissues.

    In the textile industry, Gum Karaya is used as a strong agent as a thickener in the dye used for fabric coloring. When Gum Karaya is heated in high temperature in water its gains certain solubility property that helps to be part of the dye.

  • Cosmetics & Medicines

    Today, Navdin exports a large volume of Gum Karaya to multiple countries like Germany, France, China, Vietnam, etc. mainly for types of product categories- cosmetics and medicines.

    The adhesive and swelling nature empowers it to stick and spread over a  surface when it comes in contact with moisture. It helps for a tighter fit over the surface and it’s the property that has made it highly popular in the world of medicines and cosmetics.

    Moreover, its swelling and insolubility nature with anti-bacterial properties makes it the best of its kind.

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